Vegan Keto-Friendly Healthy Immune Boosting Superfood Hot Chocolate

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Auraluv EatGoodFeelGood
Superfood Healthy Hot Chocolate

Flavours Available: Burnt Caramel | Chocolate Raspberry | Chocolate blueberry | Chocolaty Chocolate | Chocolate Mint

Why healthy?

Auraluv EatGoodFeelGood Superfood Healthy Hot Chocolates are infused with

  • MCT Coconut Oil Powder, Keto
  • Heat Resistant Vegan Probiotics for healthy digestion
  • Acai Berry Extract for healthy skin
  • Vegan Marine Collagen from Seaweed for overall healthy body energy
  • Reishi Mushroom Extract for a healthy immune system.

Box available: 100g. / 10 Sachets

$14.72 per box

Benefits of Auraluv
Superfood Healthy Hot Chocolate

  • A healthy and vegan friendly alternative
  • Diabetic friendly, no gluten, low calorie, no additives or preservatives, all natural products and low sugar content.
  • Our hot chocolates beautifully presented in biodegradable bags and boxes.

Bag available: 200g.
Also available 1kg. bag

$29.45 per bag / $119 for combo of 5 flavours

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